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Quality consulting for your impromptu, recurring and special event business arts & entrepreneur needs

FROM C2O Rhythm & Arts Executive Director, Chi Chi Okonmah:

"I have truly missed my community during this past year and a half. 

Let's spend some time together!

If you're an artist, entrepreneur (or soon-to-be), arts organization, cooperative, or coop member, I want to offer you an opportunity to spend some of MY time using C2O Custom Consulting.

With C2O Custom Consulting, I provide consulting and management services to you/your organization, on retainer.  You can schedule time and create tasks on my calendar, call, text or e-mail me directly... ANYTIME... for an entire year!

See available "Spend My Time" options below

"Quick Assist"

  • 12 Consultant hours per year

  • $600 (15%+ Discount)

"Busy Biz"

  • 36 Consultant hours per year

  • $1,600 (25%+ Discount)

"Phone a Friend"

  • 24 Consultant hours per year

  • $1,150 (20%+ Discount)

"Silent Partner"

  • 48 Consultant hours per year

  • $2,000 (30%+ Discount)


*based on 1-year service agreement

*30-minutes minimum for all Consultant services

*unused time expires at end of year, and is non-refundable

*full retainer fee due at start of service agreement

*installment payment option available with "Busy Biz" & "Silent Partner"

*see full Service Agreement for complete terms and conditions


Strategy Planning sessions

Event planning questions

Theater equipment purchase/rental referrals

Production & Stage crew referrals

Performance venue suggestions

Tech/computer equipment and software advice

Contract/agreement/grant application review/feedback

Business license/entity setup support

Business & Financial services referrals

Training, Facilitation & Presentation

Venue, Program & Operations Management issues

Curriculum Design support

Document review/edit

Template/Flyer/Brochure/Manual creation

Convert notes to a 1-pager

Website updates

Find online forms/docs

Research a topic

*Real Estate questions

(*BONUS: Because I'm a licensed RE Broker (DRE #:01940445), your real estate questions do NOT count towards your retainer hours.)


"Chi Chi" is a seasoned professional and trusted resource with decades of knowledge, networks, and experience in:

Information Technology

Documentation, Training & Facilitation

Curriculum/Course Design

Operations Management

Stage & Production Management

Arts Administration & Programming

Venue Management

Event Planning

Small Business Consulting


Most services  available ONLINE.

Availability & rates may vary based on dates, locations, project details, etc.

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