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 C2O Rhythm & Arts operates with an intentional commitment to support and cultivate work practices & partnerships that foster and promote a more collaborative, cooperative, communal ecosystem.

We are committed to working with and supporting Artists, entrepreneurs, & arts organizations whose work and work ethic reflect these same values.

Below are some of the current  C2O Rhythm & Arts projects with individuals and organizations

in and around the Bay Area.   

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C2O Rhythm & Arts is thrilled to announce it's latest creative venture as a Card Game Creator! Collaborating with a beloved & fierce team of production, design, & marketing professionals, MesuraRa Creations successfully launched the pre-sales of 2 new card games in November, 2023, for which C2O Rhythm & Arts Director, Chi Chi Okonmah, proudly hails as a 1st time Game Creator & Card Designer!

Visit MesuRa Creations to learn more.



C2O Rhythm & Arts Director, Chi Chi Okonmah is honored to serve as part of the Liberation Academy 2.0 Team uplifting BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) dancers and additional mentorship for dance makers of Afro-descent dedicated to freedom. Here's a great video about the program! For full details, click here.

Looking for a Stage Manager for your next production? LET'S TALK!

Project 1
Project 2

Most services  available ONLINE.

Availability & rates may vary based on dates, locations, project details, etc.

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