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C2O Rhythm & Arts is dedicated to the

support & preservation of cultural and performing arts.

We are always thrilled for a new opportunity to dance, drum, sing, choreograph, collaborate, create.

Student, teacher & choreographer for more than a decade, Chi Chi O. is a lover of dance & music of all forms...with a particular passion for rhythm tap! Her “hoofer” style (greatly influenced by the late tap master, Gregory Hines) emphasizes the importance of rhythmic precision, technique & personal style. 

Rhythm Tap with Chi Chi O. promises a unique and soulful journey to inspire the artist in all who come to share the experience.

NOTE:  Weekly Rhythm Tap Classes at The Beat
      are on HIATUS until August

Tap Shoes


Weekly Rhythm Tap Classes

Offered by:
The Beat, Berkeley

Intermediate Rhythm Tap

Tuesdays (ONGOING - In Studio)

6:30pm - 7:45pm

(NOTE: classes "on hiatus" until Aug)

This class is specifically aimed at tap dancers with 4 or more consecutive years of experience (or equivalent), and emphasizes musicality, improvisation and rhythmic timing. Together, we explore creative expressions in both acapella rhythms and choreography with musical accompaniment, while always being encouraged to bring our own unique styles to the dance!

Advanced Beginner Rhythm Tap

Wednesdays (ONGOING- In Studio)


(NOTE: classes "on hiatus" until Aug)

This class is appropriate for tap dancers with at least 

2 consecutive years of experience or equivalent skill level. The class incorporates the use of mildly complex choreography, paired with popular music of various genres, to develop technique and rhythm, while helping dancers find their own unique style!


NOTE: Tap shoes and board recommended, but not required for initial classes. Contact me for recommendations.

Old Tap Shoes


Technique & Choreography


Adults/Teens: hourly rate

Kids (ages 6+): 40 min. sessions

Groups (2-8 persons):

Adults/Teens: per person hourly rate

For live instruction, student/group is responsible for securing appropriate rehearsal space.



Performances  & Events

Solo Performances

Ensemble Choreography

Stage & Film

Musical Accompaniment

Classes, Workshops & Private Lessons available ONLINE.

Availability & rates may vary based on dates, locations, project details, etc.

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